Day-tripper's Guide to Nantucket

I try to get to the sweet little island of Nantucket any chance I get. There is just something about being on the ferry, rounding Brant point and pulling into the Grey Lady's charming harbor that gets me every time. It's one of our favorite places to escape to May thru October, even if we can only make it for a day.  Think a day trip isn't doable? Well I've teamed up with Rockport to prove that silly theory wrong with my go-to day-tripper's guide to ACK below. The only problem? You might never want to leave.

Oh, and don't forget to check out my first-ever travel video at the bottom of this post thanks to the oh-so-talent Julie Florio and Matt Kisiday (it's my very first foray into this in-front-of-the-camera-thing, so be kind...).  

The minute I step off the ferry, I always get this little flutter in my chest and urge to explore. It doesn't matter how many times I've been on this island, I always seem to find nooks and crannies I've never seen before that win my heart right over. So taking a stroll is an absolute must. Does getting lost and taking it all in count as a travel tip? If so, that would always be my number one go-to. But we are on a day trip here, so let's keep things on a timeline, shall we?  

10AM: Arrive on Island, smell the sweet salt air and thank heavens for another trip to Nantucket.

10:30AM: Take a stroll over to Handlebar Cafe for your morning cup of jo before renting your mode of transportation of the day (a bike is perfect for a day trip) at Young's Bicycle. The baskets come in handy, trust me! 

11AM: Walk your bike up Old South Wharf to take in all the charm. Pop in Skinnydip Nantucket for some fab fashion finds, and then make your way over to Pete's Fresh Fish Prints. Strike up a conversation with sweet Pete, you won't regret it! Instagram tip: this little wharf is picture perfect, and has some amazing window boxes! 

12PM: Grab sandwiches at Something Natural before biking over to Steps Beach, for an instagram-worthy beach day. It's a view (and a sandwich) that never gets old. 

1PM: Soak up the sunshine (with a side of rosé if you are so inclined). 

3PM: Head back to town for some shopping. This time hit Bodega, an amazing little store in the heart of Nantucket. It's the perfect place to take home your own little slice of Nantucket. Then head up Main Street to Nantucket Looms to take in all the beauty of this classically Nantucket store. 

4PM: Contemplate ways you can stay on the island over cocktails at Cru. Google all hotels on the island, and check Airbnb for any last minute cancellations. 

5PM: Decide to "miss the ferry" so you can enjoy yummy eats and sing-a-longs at Club Car. Hey it happens to the best of us. Finish it all up by standing in line for the best ice cream of your life at the Juice Bar


Comfort is key when planning a day trip 30 miles out to sea - so make sure to choose comfy shoes (like these teal beauties) and something equally moveable to wear (I love an easy dress that duplicates as a cover up). And of course, don't forget a hat, sunscreen, a camerasunnies and a pretty little layer for when the sun goes down!

Until Next time, sweet Nantucket! (PS don't forget to hit play below!)

PHOTOGRAPHY:Julie Florio & matt Kisiday | CINEMATOGRAPH:Julie Florio & matt Kisiday