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A Boca Grande + Gasparilla Inn Travel Diary

We were so excited (and maybe a little nervous) to take our first trip with Henry. Traveling has always been a big thing for us. It’s always been something that brought us together even after the most hectic stretches of time. Something to look forward to. Something to get us out of our comfort zone a bit and into a more comfortable zone for us - vacation mode. We are good at vacationing. And I realize some people aren’t - but Andrew and I are our best selves on vacation, and I want Henry to see that side of us.

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Tips for Traveling with a 5 month old

I hesitate writing this post because I am absolutely sure it will jinx us for future trips, but alas, here we go.

I’m just going to say it. Henry was amazing on his first official vacation. Dare I say he was even more behaved? Granted, we’ve been taking him to Vermont since he was a wee 4 week old so I suppose he’s a bit seasoned, but this was the first time we hopped on a plane and put our parenting to a real test. It was the first time I truly had the “is this worth it??” moment. And it was. It really was. Here’s how we tackled everything to make it not only seamless, but really really fun.

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Watch Hill, Rhode Island Travel Guide

This little corner of the world, known as Watch Hill, Rhode Island, holds the most special place in my heart. If it wasn't for this tiny little part of the tiniest state in the country, a little girl from Tennessee would never have met her New England match. It's because of this tiny little place I met Andrew. It's where we had our first date, it's where we got married. It's where we'll go for the rest of our life to have endless "remember when" conversations. It's beyond special to us.

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Eleuthera + Harbour Island, Bahamas Travel Guide

Around March 30th, Andrew and I both channeled our inner Verruca Salt and declared we needed warmth and we needed it now! It sounds dramatic, but if you've ever experienced a spring like the one we are currently having in New England, you would understand the primal need to get to the sun. I just wanted a few days of warmth in a place with a little character before my brain exploded. Ok, now that is a tad dramatic, but it's precisely how I felt. Don't judge.

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Palm Beach Travel Guide

It never fails. The minute February rolls around I start to crave some serious vitamin D like nobody's business.  Yes, even me, the certified snow queen needs an escape to the warm weather in the depths of winter.  I just like to remember what it feels like to wear flip flops again, to not have ten layers on at all times and to twirl around in a dress again. It's really the little things.

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