Yes Way Rosé all Fall & Winter + Helen's Wines

For some reason, people ask me about wine all the time. It might be because I talk or joke about it constantly, or maybe it's because almost all my shoots involve a cocktail in some capacity. Actually, that's probably it. Regardless, it's funny to me because I'm not a huge wine connoisseur. Now, I know a good wine from two buck chuck (remember him?) but you'll rarely see me turn my nose up at anything (really this applies to everything in life). I'm always willing to give any wine a go to see why it might appeal to someone else. I'm open minded like that.

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Day-tripper's Guide to Nantucket

I try to get to the sweet little island of Nantucket any chance I get. There is just something about being on the ferry, rounding Brant point and pulling into the Grey Lady's charming harbor that gets me every time. It's one of our favorite places to escape to May thru October, even if we can only make it for a day.  Think a day trip isn't doable? Well I've teamed up with Rockport to prove that silly theory wrong with my go-to day trippers guide to ACK below. The only problem? You might never want to leave.

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