Master Bedroom Update with Joss & Main

Otto was my wedding present. I honestly begged Andrew to get a dog our entire young relationship, and six years later, after we tied the knot, my wish came true. When we got Otto, we had a laundry list of rules we swore we wouldn't break. We would never be "those" people. Our big one? There was no way Otto would sleep on our bed. It's so hilarious to think about that now. It started harmlessly, I would get up in the morning, go to Otto's crate, and then put him on Andrew's face to wake him up. If you've ever been woken up by a snuggly golden retriever puppy, you'll know it's the most amazing way to start the day. We grew to love the routine, and Otto, well, he grew to think it was his normal. At first he would just get in in the morning while Andrew was hitting the snooze button too many times. Then he would tuck me in at night. And then, well, then we became those people. He's just so darn snuggly, we all look forward to our family snugglefests now.

But Otto is a big dog, and when he sleeps - he grows. I swear. There have been times where my dear husband slept on the foot of the bed because Otto just couldn't be bothered to move (manners aren't his speciality). We knew we wanted to upgrade to a king for this very reason, but just never pulled the trigger until Joss & Main knocked on our door.  I'm such a fan of their website because they are wonderfully affordable and stylish at the same time. So partnering up with them for a little master bedroom refresh was an exciting opportunity. 

It honestly feels like we are a hotel every night now. A dog-friendly one of course. The bed is so luxe and lovely. I knew I wanted something white and pretty statement-ish because of our dark navy wall. Also our master isn't huge, so I like how light and airy the white headboard makes this room feel. I paired the headboard with a classic big-girl nightstand (my old ones were old target hand me downs), and kept our old table lamps, because I actually still really like them.  

We recently added this chandelier and just love it - it's so fun and kind of coastal at the same time, and this rattan chair and stool play off that same feeling. I then layered on some new throw pillows from Studio McGee and wallah! It's like a new room. It's amazing what throw pillows can do, amiright?

I think I might be working from bed more often now, and I know Otto will love every second of that!