How to make Maple Taffy aka Sugar on Snow

If you follow me on instagram, it's pretty obvious I love the snow. Since moving to New England, I've learned to really embrace winter. With the right clothes, dare I say, winter is actually really fun! It opens doors to so many new things to do, and I tend to love the cozy feeling that comes with the colder months. 

During our trip to Quebec last year, a place that truly embraces winter, we picked up one of their favorite little winter treats - maple sugar on snow or maple taffy - and we immediately added it to our "why we love winter" list.

If you are in New England experiencing this lovely blizzard today, I do believe making this is mandatory! 


  • Small sauce pan
  • Popsicle or craft sticks
  • Something clean and sturdy to put the snow in (baking sheets work!)
  • Maple Syrup
  • Candy Thermometer 
  • CLEAN snow


  1. Pack snow into your container of choice and make it nice and smooth
  2. Heat maple syrup until boiling and until your candy thermometer reads 235 degrees. It's super hot. Be very careful!
  3.  Pour your maple syrup in a line on your snow (it helps if you have a little spout - I did not here, and created a more "less than perfect" look. haha)
  4. Take your popsicle stick and roll the sugar up. 
  5. Enjoy the sugar high! 


Abby CapalboComment