A little look-see into our family room

Our family room is technically the dining room in our house. It's right off the kitchen (but so is the living room and our now dining room), and before the renovation, this room definitely had dining-room vibe. But now it's open and inviting, and just makes sense for us to use it as our cozy little space to watch netflix and curl up on the couch. 

People always ask me how I keep my couch so clean with a crazy golden retriever claiming this house as his own. The truth is, I've never had an issue. I'm sure when we have kids there will be some headaches, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Otto isn't allowed on couches. He knows that, so there are no real problems. I wash the slip covers once a year - and they honestly look brand new when I do. I'm a huge slip cover fan. 

We recently renovated our basement off the kitchen/ family room, and it's a place where dogs, kids, and messy grown-ups can lounge with reckless abandoned. The couch is denim (and from Ikea), so when we decide to eat while watching netflix, we typically do it down here where no one can see the mess... 

So there you have it! Truth be told, I work from this room for at least half the day. Once my back starts hurting from sitting at my desk too long (or I want to multi task while watching Real Housewives...don't judge). 

Couch: Pottery Barn | Pillows: Caitlin Wilson Textiles, Aeriel, Suntan Art | Coffee Table: Pottery Barn | Coral Tray: Z Gallerie | Chandelier: Restoration Hardware Baby & Child | Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Intense White | Jute Rug: Pottery Barn

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ruth Eileen | HOME & STYLING: Abby Capalbo | FLORALS: Stoneblossom