Winter Warm Spell

Whether you love snow or hate snow (I think it's obvious what team I'm on...), everyone can agree that cold, freezing rain is the enemy that unites us all. And that has been our winter in a nutshell in southern New England so far. Of course it's still early, and I am sure we have a blizzard or two waiting in the wings, but until then I'll be sporting this super cute striped number to shield me from the not so pretty precipitation. Let's call it a silver lining. 

I mean, a blue and white striped coat? It basically has my name on it. And as much as I hate to rush the seasons (because I truly love snowy weather) it feels kind of amazing to put the puffy coats and snow boots aside for a lighter-weight trench and some super cute flats during one of our warmer spells. 

Now I do realize we will have a record-setting blizzard in the near future because I totally jinxed us here with this little post. I'm sorry (or you're welcome if you are #teamsnow like me).