A little look into my office

I'm kind of a neat freak. Not in the "everything has to be lysol-ed 24 hours a day" kind of way, but more of a "everything needs it's place" kind of way. I like order. I think it's because my brain is a constant sea of crazy (which isn't always a bad thing), so being able to have order on the outside is refreshing to me.

So when it comes to the place where I spend most of my day, I really like for it to be free from clutter. Both literally and figuratively. I used to have a gallery wall above my computer, and on days when I was in a creative funk, I would just stare at it and pick apart all the spacing issues. I quickly realized gallery walls around my work space just weren't meant for me. So when I found this zen of a print at One Kings Lane, I knew I had found my answer. We threw up some shiplap, added the print - and wallah, one less distraction in my work area. I suppose I'm kind of like a five year old in that respect. 

I think as I've gotten older, I realize I just love the look and feel of a simple space. Nothing over styled or filled just to be full. If that makes any sense. It allows the room to breathe a bit. Which allows me to breathe a bit. I'm just a girl standing in front of a room asking for some white space. (Ok, I'm probably the only person who will laugh at that line, but boy, did I just laugh at it). 


So there you have it, my little workspace in a nutshell. Truth be told, I'm just thrilled to have a space with a door and loads of light to get things done. It's the little things, no? 

Photography: Ruth Eileen | Home & Styling: Abby Capalbo

Beach Print: One Kings Lane | Desk: Pottery Barn | Wishbone Chair: Amazon | Watercolor Prints: Sara Fitz Studio | Lamps: Target | Gold Floor Lamp: Target | Floral Pillows: Studio McGee | Grey Pillows: Home Goods | Throw Blanket: Target | Couch:Ikea | Braid Painting: Elizabeth Mayville | Bookcase: Ikea