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Fall Backyard Popcorn Tasting

There have been lots of changes in out house since the little one arrived, but I still think it’s oh-so-important to do my best to feel myself as much as I possibly can. And for me, that’s making sure we are doing little things like celebrating this festive fall season. Now, let’s be real, I can barely take a shower, so there is no elaborate menu on hand, but I love implementing easy ideas like a simple popcorn tasting with Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP. Guest list? The hubby, myself, the little guy, and the pups. Oh so simple, yet oh so sweet.

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Closing Out Patio Season

Once the hydrangeas start to change their hues from a vibrant blue to a mix of fabulous fall shades, I know our time outdoors is starting to dwindle. I love the change of seasons though, it makes you appreciate every single night you get to spend outside, soaking up the warmer temps. This time of year in particular is wonderful. The chilly nights calls for long sleeves and jeans, but you are perfectly cozy sitting outside with the right layers. So I like to make any random night an occasion. And since I just so happen to be pushing 9 months pregnant - that always involves snacks like this yummy popcorn from Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP.

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Rules of Thumb for Harvest Entertaining with Pier 1

I have such a love affair with the seasons. I suppose it's because I love how they force us to change perspective. They give me something to look forward to, to drum up nostalgia, and to build memories around. In my youth, I would have said I was a summer person through and through, but fall has been growing on me in a big way over the past few years.

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