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Introducing Henry Arthur + Nursery Tour

On October 24th, during a full moon, Henry Arthur Capalbo decided to join our world. At that moment our lives were forever changed. No one could ever prepare me for the rush of emotions that would follow his arrival. It’s impossible to explain, and I won’t even try. I will say love took on a whole new meaning - not only for this new person, but also for my little family. Andrew and I have always felt lucky to do this life thing together, but that night took everything to another level. I remember looking at Andrew and just being so grateful for him my heart could explode. Look at this little life we created.

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Decking the Halls of My Nantucket Dream Home

You know how Oprah always tells you to put things out into the universe so they are attracted back to you? Well universe, I want this house on Nantucket. That doesn't seem to be asking too much, now does it? As I've mentioned before, I love real estate. And dreamy real estate over looking the Atlantic Ocean in my favorite little town of 'Sconset on the sweetest island (that just so happens to be outfitted by all things Nantucket Looms) might be as good as it gets if you ask me. Well, I got to decorate it for Christmas during a shoot for the fabulous ladies at Nantucket Looms (they are my fav) and call it my job, and I thought I would share it with you. Welcome to my (dream) home. 

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