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Stylish Sun Hats For Summer

When it comes to the beach, I'm totally a hat girl. I would like to say it's because I'm super careful about SPF (which I am, but I definitely slip up from time to time) but really, it's because I like to look somewhat pulled together even if I've been swimming the day away or running around chasing my friends' kiddos (I don't sit still very well...). Hats just save the day in so many ways. I tend to favor the more traditional variety (shocker), which I think is very apparent in my selections below. 

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Summer Entertaining with Nantucket Looms

Nantucket Looms has always been that store on Main Street I fantasized about when I was younger. Everything in the store just looked so perfect and soft and lovely. So when they asked me to come out to shoot for them, I was over the moon. Mainly because I knew shooting their product would be so much fun because it's all so darn gorgeous, but the opportunity also made me wish I could go back in time and tell the girl with the ice cream on her hands that one day all of this would happen. 

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Summer Day Dress Edit

I love a summer dress. They are without question my favorite things to purchase, and to me, the most comfortable thing to wear when bopping around during the summer months. It never fails, the second the temps start to rise in the spring, I start the search for this years' warm weather wardrobe staples. Shopping carts across the internet are currently filled to the brim with my finds (and tend to sit there for some time), so I thought I would share some beauties I currently have my eye at the moment. 

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