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A Rhode Island Hidden Gem + The Moore House Properties

I am constantly asked about my love for Rhode Island. What I love about it. Where first timers should stay. Where they should eat. It seems that people who haven’t discovered this special little state don’t quite understand why people love it so - that is, until they visit. Then they just can’t deny the magic. And you know what’s so beautiful about this special state? There are people who have lived their entire lives here and still haven’t uncovered all the pretty parts - because it’s just so easy to get happy and content in your own personal corner.

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A Little Piece of Heaven: Wicked Tulips in Rhode Island

OK, I know it's cinco de mayo, and there are going to be a million salsa and margarita recipes floating around the web today (you should check this one out I styled), but I am going to bring you something equally buzz-worthy - tulips. And I'm bringing them by way of Erin McGinn's take-your-jaw-off-the-floor images. Really, they are so dreamy they make me want to kiss each pretty petal in the pictures. This magical little farm, Wicked Tulips, opened last year in little Rhode Island, and it's just yet another reason why I adore living in this sweet state. You really have to experience it to believe it. 

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