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My Mom's Apple Pie Recipe

Thanksgiving is all about the turkey for most people, and I get it. It's pretty delicious in its own right. But for me, I'm all about the sides and pie. Now, typically I'm not a sweets eater. I always reach for savory, but when it comes to pie - I'm all about it. And my momma just so happens to make the best apple pie on the planet. You want to know why I feel that way? It's classic. Nothing too gourmet about it, just the absolute perfect pie for Thanksgiving. And really, why mess with perfection?

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Rhubarb 75 Cocktail with The Coastal Table

I know cocktails are fabulous all year, but I feel like they really start to shine when summer rolls around. There is nothing like the first sip of an interesting cocktail on a warm night, and this little number from The Coastal Table I had the pleasure of styling is one to add to your arsenal. It's as delcious as it is pretty, meaning you need to try it out tonight. See it in all it's glory over on SMP Living today! 

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