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Henry's Classic Birth Announcement by Papermoss

Ok, first let me just say that I know letterpress can read as a bit much for a birth announcement. But ya’ll, I waited a long time for this moment, and I wanted to shout it from the rooftops in true Abby Capalbo style. Which totally calls for letterpress. Plus I love that it’s a keepsake, something we can display or frame, or something I can hold in my hand and cry over when he goes to college. All very important. I knew I wanted to work with my good friend Emily at Papermoss (she also did our wedding invites which were stunning!) - so the minute we announced we were expecting, Emily started working away.

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Newborn - 4 Month Old: Baby Gear You Actually Use

Now that Henry is past the 4 month mark (and I am somewhat out of the newborn fog) I find myself looking back at the first time parents we were just months ago and wanting to give them a hug. And a high five. And maybe a bottle of champagne. Those first few months are no joke. It’s a crazy, wonderful, emotional time. When I do take a moment to think about those tender first months, I’m so proud of us. All of us. Andrew, Myself, Henry, Otto & Clementine. We all hit the ground running, celebrated small victories, and snuggled a lot. We survived, and sometimes we made a meal. We laughed a lot and cried a lot. But mostly we just thanked God for this beautiful little boy.

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