Yes Way Rosé all Fall & Winter + Helen's Wines

For some reason, people ask me about wine all the time. It might be because I talk or joke about it constantly, or maybe it's because almost all my shoots involve a cocktail in some capacity. Actually, that's probably it. Regardless, it's funny to me because I'm not a huge wine connoisseur. Now, I know a good wine from two buck chuck (remember him?) but you'll rarely see me turn my nose up at anything (really this applies to everything in life). I'm always willing to give any wine a go to see why it might appeal to someone else. I'm open minded like that.

My girl Helen on the other hand? She's a legit pro. Helen and I go way back to beach parties and bonfires before real jobs and careers. We used to dream big dreams over (probably bad) wine while laughing our little tails off until the sun came up. One starry night Helen told me she was going to make it in the restaurant business. And just by looking at her face, I knew there was no way in this world she wouldn't do just that. Low and behold, she just so happens to be a rockstar in the LA restaurant world, and she even has her own little wine store, aptly named Helen's, so she can keep on top of that big dream of hers. We are on opposite sides of the country now, but I'm totally proud of her on the daily. Talk about knowing what you want and just going right out and getting it. 

But what I'm really getting at - is Helen knows wines. She eats, breathes and swims (?... I don't know, she's just always loved a dip so I had to include that) in all the varieties. So I had to reach out to help myself branch out a bit from my go-to's (Whispering Angel, I'm looking at you). Plus, her wine club just starting SHIPPING! Rosé all day every day! 

So without further ado, here are Helen's must have rosés to bring you into fall: 

2016 Olivier Cohen, Les Vignes d'Olivier, Vin de France, Cinsault

Deeply hued like a garnet but cosmically alive in the glass. Fruit driven with great acidity & surprisingly Dry! The most fun vibes. 

2016 Collecapretta, Vittori Mattioli, Umbria, Ciliegiolo

Dry, salty, watermelon ziplining through your autumnal backyard in a cashmere sweater

2016 Boniperti, 'Rosadisera,' Nebbiolo

Hailing from Piedmont, this wine is luscious, elegant, high acid and mineral driven. 

2016 Mas cal Demoura, 'Qu'es Acquo,' Coteaux du Languedoc, Syrah/Mourvedre/ Cinsault 

Soft, sexy, velvety, asking for squash soup & crusty bread.

2016 Azienda Agricola Della Staffa 'Il Brioso' Rosato, Umbria, Sangiovese

Sparkling sangiovese! Crispy, clean, cool, calm, under control

So cheers, friends! Here's to rosé all year long! Thank you Helen for all your fab knowledge! 


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