A Weekend on Martha's Vineyard at The Christopher

We kind of feel embarrassed saying it, but until the past weekend, we never really spent much time on the Vineyard. It's criminal really because it's so darn close, but I've only been a couple times and Andrew had never been until this trip (and he grew up in Rhode Island!). We were thrilled to change that when The Christopher, a stunning Edgartown hotel, invited us to stay for the weekend so we could see what all the fuss was about. It only took stepping off the ferry to understand why people (and Presidents) have claimed this as their happy place for years - Martha's Vineyard has charm down.  

Because we never really had the chance to explore this pretty little island, I sent a little travel SOS out on Instagram. I love the little instagram community for so many reasons, but they are AMAZING when it comes to recommendations for travel. I got SO many must-dos we would have to be on island all summer (if only), but I thought I would include them here as well. A sort of Martha's Vineyard bucket list, if you will. 

Where to stay on martha's vineyard travel blogger

Where to Stay

The Christopher

An Edgartown charmer, this hotel is traditional on the outside, but is definitely more design-focused on the inside. The location is lovely, and the proprietors couldn't have been more charming themselves. They have truly though of everything, right down to the beach towels. 



The sister hotel to The Christopher, this fun little property is located on the other side of the island in Oak Bluffs. It's personality-packed and has a great location since you can actually see the ferries from your room!  


Best Beaches


Lucy Vincent:

We so wanted to visit this lovely beach, but it's only open to residents in the off season. So we plan on sneaking out sometime in September. 


South Beach:

We spent some time on this lovely beach, and it seems to stretch on for miles. It's an easy 10 degrees cooler on this side of the island, but since we were there during a heat wave, it felt amazing! 


What I really loved about the Vineyard, was that every spot had it's own personality. From the regal captain houses in Edgartown to the old school fish markets in Menemsha - Martha's Vineyard is really a place where everyone can find a corner to feel at home.

And that's pretty special.