Oscar Party with Stella Artois + The Everygirl

There is nothing I love more than an excuse to throw a party, and the Oscars seem like a perfectly fabulous occasion to have a few of my favorites over for some good old fashion fun. So when the lovely ladies at The Everygirl asked me to throw just such a soiree with none other than Stella Artois, I couldn't wait to get down to business.

My approach to parties is kind of the same as my approach to everything - they should feel special, cozy and unique without making you want to pull your hair out. So for this shindig, I popped some popcorn, made a super easy cheese plate and threw in some macarons for those with a sweet tooth. The bubbly Stella cidre was the icing on the cake.  

To make everything even more festive, every limited-edition chalice bought from Stella equals five years of clean drinking water for a woman in the developing world. You read that right. It makes me so happy to support a brand like Stella Artois and the Water.org initiative. Buying a chalice means we're that much closer to being the generation that ends the global water crisis. And that's pretty important. Get your chalice here. (see how pretty they are below?)

Also, it looks like I have some serious movie watching to do this weekend. I'm so behind!