Hidden Pond in Kennebunkport, Maine

We had the amazing opportunity to visit the magical Hidden Pond in Kennebunkport, Maine back in June, and I've had so many people ask me about it since, I thought I would write up a little something to refer to. There are so many wonderful things about this property it would be impossible to do it justice with words, but I'll give it a go. 

We arrived on Friday night, and immediately fell in love. It's luxurious without being in your face, so it still really feels like Maine. I don't know about you, but Maine to me should be a little more rugged. Even if that means you drink your speciality cocktail sitting across from a very well-made camp fire under the perfectly "Maine" throw blanket. Just outdoorsy enough to make you feel like you are miles and miles away from reality. 

When you check into this magical little place, you'll be shown to your own adorable little bungalow. Now, let me just say, they are all gorgeous without a single detail missed. From the amazing screened-in porches to the outdoor showers and everything in between, I could easily live in one of these charming spaces all summer. 

Details are what Hidden Pond really does well. For instance, their little breakfast delivery every morning is just about as cute as it gets. A thermos filled with delicious coffee, freshly baked treats, the paper and even an itinerary of all the things going on at Hidden Pond that day. It's just too much. I looked forward to it every morning. 


Or you can stock your own little mini kitchen by picking up snacks and a bottle of wine at their oh-so-charming market on the property. As someone who doesn't just love aesthetics but is kind of obsessed with them, this market wins all around. Oh and the adorable beach cruisers don't hurt either. 

Now, I would be doing everyone on the eastern seaboard a disservice if I didn't say something about their amazing on-site restaurant, Earth. It's honestly the best meal I've ever had. The service was amazing, and every single person we encountered truly felt passionate about what they were serving. It was so incredibly infectious, and we can't wait to get back to dine here again. It was such an amazing experience. 

It can be hard to leave the darling Hidden Pond with all there is to do, but make sure to spend some time exploring Kennebunkport and the neighboring towns. There is New England charm waiting around every corner. It's like the entire area is an instagram waiting to happen. 

We also had the opportunity to eat at the amazing Tides Beach Club just up the road from Hidden Pond (and easily accessible by bike). This place is just what seaside dreams are made of - beautifully decorated with an amazing chef and gorgeous views. Can't ask for much better! 

We are so looking forward to returning to the Tides Beach Club in September. If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to leave them in the comments below - after our trip, I can't say enough amazing things about this gorgeous place, and I want everyone to find a way to get here. Kennebunkport really is such a special place...

Abby CapalboComment