Here's to you, 2017.

erinmcginn_abbycapalbo_NYE_090 (2).jpg

2016 was a big, scary year. Full of leaps and falls and pick-yourself-right-back-up-little-lady moments. It had some really big, exciting ups and, if I can be honest, some really sad downs. But here we are in 2017, and I'm ready to turn over that calendar year like nobody's business.


There is a lot I don't share on social media or on the World Wide Web, because funny enough, I'm a pretty private person with a sensitive side. But there is one thing you might have caught onto if you follow me on Instagram, and that is that we purchased a little ski chalet in Vermont. It's such a dream come true for us. She needed a little love, but boy is she shining now - and I'd love to share the process with you in the new year (if you are interested at all...).

Basically, this post is just to say thank you for being there in 2016 or welcome if you are new in 2017. I love that there are so many folks who love to embrace the simple with me on the daily - mostly when the world can feel a little complex. It's such a wonderful escape, and I love having y'all along for the ride.

So let's do this 2017! I have a great feeling about you...