Pumpkin Picking Attire

I love our little town for a lot of reasons. It's just so darn cute. I just started watching Gilmore Girls (totally on the slow boat there), and Barrington kind of reminds me of a less creepy version of Stars Hollow (you get what I'm saying, right?). It's a charming little town, and always does holidays really well. So when October rolls around every year I can't even wait to see the pumpkins start to fill the lawn of one of the churches on the main road. It completely fills me with nostalgia. 

I make an effort every year to get pumpkins from this little patch because I never want it to go away. Thankfully we've enjoyed the most gorgeous pumpkin-picking weather up here in New England this October, which means it's just chilly enough for a vest but not cold enough for a coat. And why not make it even more festive with a little faux fur vest. I'm totally obsessed with this one from from J. McLaughlin. It's the perfect shade of blonde...if I do say so myself....

Abby CapalboComment