Friday Finds

We are almost at the finish line folks. It's Friday. I hope you have fabulous plans for the weekend! I'm actually heading to Charleston on Sunday morning to work on a pretty awesome project with some pretty awesome people all week. More to come on that later. But before I start packing (I forgot what you even wear when the temperature is above 30!), here are the things I wish I could push purchase on this week. 

Salt Cellars, Leif: You'll notice I was drawn to color this week, and it all started with this pretty pastel beauties. Cooking just got a lot more fabulous. 

Turkish T Towels: These are my absolute FAVORITE towels. All caps. And Andrew and I are thissssss close to booking a getaway in May where we might need a few more of these...

Dog Gate, Domino: I need to add this to my list of tips from yesterday's post, stylish gates are definitely a must. 

Hippo, High Street Market: Ok. I love this little lady. They even named her Janet. She just makes me smile, and I think I would every time I passed her if she lived in my house. 

Umbrella Stand, Society Social: We are about to enter mud season in New England. Where all that pretty snow melts, turns to mud and it rains until the flowers bloom. This pretty little stand is not only super useful, but super pretty. 



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