New England Winter Essentials

Winters in New England build character. There is a sense of pride involved when spring rolls around the corner, and you've survived with stories to tell. And you can survive with a few key pieces. This is my winter uniform, and they are all happily resting in my closet as I type (under a warm blanket, in front of a fire)...

one: A good, comfy hat is crucial. When the temps drop and the wind picks up, you can't even walk out of your house without one. A cute pom pom on the top is bonus.

two: Boots. Sorels are my go to for hardy snow boots. Obviously I love my bean boots too, but since the the snow basically comes up to my thighs right now, the higher the boot the better. Hunters are lovely for the rain, and in the fall - but they aren't great when it comes to insulation. These puppies will keep your feet toasty even miles into snow shoeing. 

three: A warm, heavy duty parka. I upgraded this year to this one, but before that I had one this one from JCrew factory and it is also super warm. I had it for like five years. Fashion has to take a step back here, the bulkier the better. And make sure it goes to mid thigh at least. So crucial. 

four: Leggings. I love these, because they are thicker than all the others yet still fit under ski or snow pants. You'll find yourself wearing leggings a lot in the winter because you simply must layer. 

five: Sweaters are a no brainer. You will live in them. I got this one from Old Navy and I honestly wear it more than I should admit. I think it's on sale for $19.97 right now, so there is also that. It's lightweight enough that you can throw a vest on top of it. Once again, layering. 

six: I'm a mitten person. Mostly with this broken hand of mine, but they honestly keep your hands warmer. And that is the goal, right?

seven: So when you are totally bundled up to the brim, you want a little personality to peek out - this is where I love to throw on some fun jewelry (where people can actually see it). These Loren Hope earrings are my favorite right now. 

eight: You know what is more important than you think? Cute socks. Because when you go over to someone's house you kind of have to take off your massive boots because you just trekked through snow. But if you come prepared with socks like these, that's totally fine. 

nine: And finally the single most important thing for getting through a New England winter - wine (I'm only sort of kind of kidding). 

What did I miss? What is part of your winter uniform? For those of you who don't live up in the tundra, do you think we are crazy?