Digging Out

I didn't grow up in New England. I called Tennessee home for the first 21 years of my life. But I remember dreaming of New England winters as a child. My father had (and has) a knack for storytelling, and he made each snowfall of his Massachusetts childhood seem like pure magic. I dreamed of snow like he described. Mounds and mounds of white so tall it blocked your door. I just couldn't wrap my tow-headed mind around it. How is that even possible?

Photography: Abby Capalbo

Photography: Abby Capalbo

I know this sounds naive, but it was one of the reasons I moved to Boston after college. I wanted to make that little childhood dream my reality. My first winter in Boston we had a record setting blizzard. I was in heaven. Looking back, my enthusiasm for such a storm was probably a little annoying to native New Englanders. I made Andrew (my new boyfriend at the time) run out in the middle of Commonwealth Avenue and twirl around singing-in-the-rain style. We bar hopped and climbed snow mounds taller than doors, and my little childhood dream was realized. I was one storm in, and I never wanted to leave. 

I started this little business less than a month ago. The day before the big launch, we were in a pretty scary car accident. I broke my hand. I was totally shakenNot ideal for starting a business that requires being behind a computer constantly. But I had a little dream, and I just didn't want to put it off any longer. 

This month has been a total whirlwind. A whirlwind I've had to manage with one hand tied behind my back (literally), but there have already been some amazing moments worthy of a twirl, singing-in-the-rain style. I've already collaborated with dream clients, worked with some amazing Brides-to-be, and my creative juices are officially flowing. It feels good. It's my first storm, and I never want to leave. 

It seems appropriate that it's snowing yet again today. Happy to say it hasn't lost its luster. 

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