About Abby

My path to today has been fun-filled, love-filled and challenged-filled (and maybe a little champagne-filled) - and I wouldn't have it any other way. My internship at HGTV in college, my stint in PR, my days in advertising, helping to build Style Me Pretty into a brand we all love - all those steps brought me here. To my own little corner of the world where I can really get my hands dirty. 

After years spent poring over the most gorgeous weddings (and homes and parties) ever as an editor at Style Me Pretty, I’ve decide to take a leap of faith and head out into the world wide web alone.  My crazy heart always seems to know where I should go next - and here I am, ready to take on my next internet adventure. There's no looking back. 

The Inspiration

I believe in the simple things. The little moments in between the big moments. I am an old soul, married to my best friend. We have a crazy dog, Otto, and we are obsessed with him in a big way. Our little home by the water in Rhode Island is our dream come true, our haven and a constant work in progress. Our wedding day is still one of my favorite days of my life, and this video shows why. It was magic. 

Travel is my drug and I feel lucky everyday that I got to marry my favorite travel buddy of all time. I hope we never stop exploring the world. Nothing inspires me more that being out of my comfort zone. I have more energy than most, and sleep less than most. Music moves me. The Beatles are my soundtrack in life, and our kitchen is my favorite dance floor. I value my family, hard work, great friends, good design, and actually making my life as pretty and full as it seems on the screen. That's what is important.